On the Issues
Committed to Freedom
Scott Taylor served as a U.S. Navy SEAL in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the global war on terror, and Central and South America. As Chairman of Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, he fought against dangerous national security leaks in the Obama Administration.

Committed to School Safety
Schools need a security presence to effectively stop violence. Our state must lead by creating easily understood, minimum standards for safety at every school, with clear and rehearsed lockdown plans, clear communication, and effective partnerships between school staff and first responders.

Committed to Smaller Government
Raised by a single mother, working on a farm and paying taxes at age 11, and being blessed with an excellent mentor, all contributed to Scott’s understanding of conservative principals. Scott understands how taking more money from struggling families hurts their quality of life.

Committed to the Second Amendment
Scott Taylor understands that Second Amendment rights are about individual self-defense. More gun laws hurt your ability to defend yourself against a criminal who has decided to ignore the law anyway.

Committed to Education
Scott Taylor believes Kempsville schools are among the best, and Scott knows today’s learning leads to tomorrow’s jobs. Scott’s extensive military training, Master’s certificate from Old Dominion University and current work toward an ALB International Relations degree from Harvard University shows his commitment to learning.

Committed to You
Scott is committed to you, because he is one of you. He has served his country in uniform and was appointed to the Virginia War Memorial Board by Governor Bob McDonnell. Scott is a small business operator of a gym franchise and a security consulting firm. Scott understands the best solutions for our district and state will come from a partnership with the residents of the 85th district, not closed-door politicians.